The World in Conversation Project (WinC) sponsors one time, 95-minute dialogues about a range of cultural issues, and you are required to attend one of these dialogues as part of this class.  WinC employs Penn State students to facilitate these small group discussions--so it should feel like an informal conversation among friends. The facilitators will not tell you what you should think; instead, they will ask you to express what you actually think in order for you to candidly discuss these views with the other participants and promote critical thinking.  There is nothing you need to do to prepare or to bring with you.  Just come ready to set everything else aside and be present in your dialogue.

WinC programs occur outside of our regular class time.  Most are held in the evenings, although some daytime dialogues are available to accommodate your schedule. One week before the programming for this class begins, you will receive an email explaining how to register.  In order to receive credit, your attendance will be recorded while you are there.  But keep in mind:  You will not be able to attend the program (or receive credit) if you are more than 5 minutes late. If the door is closed when you arrive, you are late and will need to register for another program.


WinC counts as a single homework assignment TOWARD YOUR GRADE IN THIS CLASS.

Any questions regarding WinC should be directed to the WinC staff, not me:

814-865-5692 or