World in Conversation (WinC) is a Center for Public Diplomacy that facilitates dialogues for Penn State students by Penn State students. These dialogues are meant to expand perspectives and invite greater understanding on topics that are relevant, complex and often contentious. No one will tell you what you should think; instead they will ask you to express what you actually think.

You will have the opportunity to participate in one of these dialogues as a part of this class.

Each session is 95 minutes in duration and will occur outside of your regular class meeting times. One week before the sessions for this class begins; you will receive an email explaining how to register.  This email will be sent to your PSU account.  In order to receive credit, your attendance will be recorded.  But keep in mind:  You will not be able to attend the program (or receive credit) if you are more than 5 minutes late.

WinC participation counts for one homework assignment toward your grade in this class.

Any questions about WinC should be directed to the WinC staff, not your professor:

865-5692 or