Currently Funded Projects

Years Project Title and Investigators Graduate Student Opportunities
2015-2018 Quantitative Reconstruction of Past Drought Patterns in Western North America Using Lakes, Stable Isotopes, and Modeling, NSF-P2C2 Program [Principal Investigators: B. Steinman (Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth), M. Abbott (Univ. of Pittsburgh), M.E. Mann (Penn State Univ.)] PSU award (M.E. Mann): $145,002  
2013-2017 WSC-Category 2 Collaborative: Robust decision-making for South Florida water resources by ecosystem service valuation, hydro-economic optimization, and conflict resolution modeling, NSF-Water Sustainability & Climate Program [Multi-institution award (Univ. of Central Florida/Univ. of Florida/Univ. of Hawaii/Michigan Tech. Univ/Univ. South Florida/Univ. of Miami/Univ. of Penn/Penn State Univ). Principal Investigator (Penn State Univ): J.D. Fuentes; Co-Investigator (Penn State Univ.): M.E. Mann] PSU award (J.D. Fuentes/M.E. Mann): $300,514