The teachers enjoy ice cream at the start of the workshop.


Dr. Brown discusses the many cloud types seen across Pennsylvania skies.


Paul introduces Dave Ondrejik, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service in State College, prior to a discussion on Pennsylvania weather hazards.


Gordon identifies what he would like to gain from the workshop while Angela looks on.


The teachers intently listen to Bill as he gives them a tour of the Weather Station.


Angela, Kelly, Sheri, and Gordon learning about GLOBE data collection.


The Evacuation Team helps rescue the residents of Montserrat.


Mission Control is speaking to us.


Bill and Jody tie the knot.


Paul talks about severe weather.


AccuWeather Meteorologist Ken Reeves gives us a tour of the AccuWeather facilities.


Paul starts every day of the workshop with a weather briefing.


Dr. Mann presents his research on climate change.


Bill simulates the structure of a hurricane's eyewall. 


Steve Corfidi, lead forecaster at the Storm Prediction Center, gives his thoughts on the state of operational severe weather prediction.


Dr. Craig Bohren gives an interesting talk on misconceptions in atmospheric science.


Dr. Charles Hosler demonstrates how to make a cloud in a bottle.


Dr. Lisa Brown talks about GLOBE data entry.


A small group of teachers discuss the most important facts learned during the week.


Jody and Nelson would like to arrange video teleconferences at their schools.


Ricardo presents on sources of weather information, both for the United States and his native Puerto Rico.


The 2006 "Wonders of Weather Workshop" for science educators.