Contributor Sensor/Service
B.F. Goodrich / Rosemount Aerospace Division Freezing Rain Sensor
Frise Engineering Company Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Motorola, Information Systems Group Modems
CARON Enterprises, Inc. Filters
Global Atmospherics Inc. Lightning Sensors
Electrorack Products Company Processor Cabinet
Hennesey Products Data Collection Package
Burns and Roe Construction Group Site Preparation
Belfort Instrument Company Visibility and Wind Sensors
Deltek Uninterruptible Power Supply
R.O. Associates Power Supplies
Scientific Technologies Inc. Light Emmiting Diode Weather Identifier
Setra Systems, Inc. Pressure Sensors
Technical Services Laboratory Temperature and Dewpoint Sensors
Voiceboard Corp. Speech Processor
Xycom Digital and Serial, I/O memory, CPU and AD boards


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ASOS Features

Observes, formats, archives and transmits observations automatically. When preselected weather element thresholds are exceeded (e.g., the visibility decreases to less than 3 miles), a "special" report is transmitted.
Reports basic weather elements:

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