This is the Supplementary Information website for the Schmidt, Mann, and Rutherford comment on McShane and Wyner (2010) in Annals of Applied Statistics.

Supplemental Figures (PDF): AOASCommentary10SI_revised.pdf **Updated 17 Dec 2010**

Archive of all data and code found here (gzipped tar archive **Updated 17 Dec 2010**): SMR_SI_v1.2.tar.gz
Previous version: SMR_SI_v1.1.tar.gz

**Update 11 Jan 2011**
Further information to clarify and update issues arising from the discussion paper is available here: AOASCommentary10SI_extra.pdf
Code supporting this further information, including turnkey code for running the EIV reconstructions for the pseudo-proxies can be downloaded here: SMR_extra.tar.gz
**end 11 Jan 2001 update**

Directory with data, code, and a README file (**Updated 17 Dec 2010**): SchmidtMannRutherford directory
Directory with extra information, code, and data (**Updated 11 Jan 2011**): SMR_extra

The code is turnkey if you have R installed:
Some extra packages may be required: lars, rjags, coda, lattice etc.

EIV reconstructions are from Mann et al (2008).

Pseudo-proxies are from Mann et al (2006)(including later corrections).

This page last updated 27 June 2011 (added a link to the journal article).