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Instructor: Bill Syrett
Office: 606C Walker Bldg.
Office Hours: W 7:00-10:00am & Appt.
E-mail Address: wjs1@psu.edu

Section 2: MWF 1220-1310, 109 Walker
Labs meet Wednesdays during regular class meeting time in 109 Walker

Please do the SRTEs this week! I read and appreciate them. Thank you.

Welcome to the course web page for section 2 of Meteorology 3.  Please note that attendance is graded through the use of POP QUIZZES, so please don't skip class. Extra credit is available.

  • State College Temperatures
  • Global Satellite Loop
  • GOES 16 Loops

  • Final Exam: Thursday, December 13, 10:10-Noon, 22 Deike


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    Department of Meteorology
    The Electronic Weather Map Wall
    Weather Glossary
    Campus Weather Service Forecast
    National Weather Service
    National Hurricane Center
    GAISMA: State College Sunshine Facts
    Penn State Weather Station

    Cool Videos:
    1. Wx Balloon from Ground to > 100,000 feet and back
    2. One-Minute Resolution Visible Satellite Loop

    Final Exam: Thursday, 12/13 at 10:10am, 22 Deike
    Sign up in class for "conflict" finals to be held in 607 Walker:
    Monday, 12/10 from 10:00-11:50am or 1:00-2:50pm
    Tuesday, 12/11 from 10:10-11:50am or 1:00-2:50pm

    Now accepting Journals, due last class, no late journals accepted

    Class Average = 75.07%

    Review Questions Posted HERE
    Review Session with Kristina 5:45pm, Friday in 112 Walker
    Extra Office Hours (Bill's Office) Monday 7am to 10am

    Want more weather after graduation? Check out the Certificate Program

    Extra Credit! Weather Forecast Contest CLOSED

    Book: A World of Weather, 6th ed., by Nese and Grenci

    Course Syllabus:
    Word Version

    Final Exam: 12/13 @ 10:10am, 22 Deike

    Climate Change Links

    Academic Integrity: EMS Integrity

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