Supplemental information for:
Global Signatures of the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly and Plausible Dynamical Origins

Mann, M.E., Z. Zhang, S. Rutherford, R.S. Bradley, M.K. Hughes, D. Shindell, C. Ammann, G. Galuvegi and F. Ni. 2009. Science, 326:1256-1260.
Supplementary Information and Figures (PDF)


The data series shown in Figure 1.

The spatial reconstruction. Column 1 is year, columns 2-2593 are gridboxes. Years 1850-2006 are the PC-filtered instrumental data(retaining 7 PCs). (note this is a large file and has been gzipped). The RegEM infilled instrumental data can be found in the "allproxy" tarball linked below.
The longitudes and latitudes for each gridbox.

Code and Data

The "allproxy" code and data are in a gzipped tarball. After unpacking the tarball, you will have to change the paths in the code to run on your machine. See the "README.txt" in the tarball for more information. The RegEM code is included but is from Tapio Schneider's Web Site. Metadata for the proxies used here and in Mann et al., 2008 are in an Excel file. **NOTE (23 Aug 2010): The color shading in this Excel file can be ignored. Proxy data type can be determined by using the "data type code" (Column D).

All the proxy series are in the directory "allproxy1209" and information about the proxies can be found in the supplemental web site for Mann et al. 2008. The infilled instrumental series are in "instfilled_3d".

Verification data are here.

Update 5/26/10: The pseudoproxy networks used in Supplmentary Information Table S2 are available here. For more information see also the supplementary web site for Mann et al., 2007.

Update 22 Aug 2010: Additional significance tests that we have performed indicate that the NH land+ocean Had reconstruction with all tree-ring data and 7 potential "problem" proxies removed (see original Supp Info where this reconstruction is shown) yields a reconstruction that passes RE at just below the 95% level (approximately 94% level) back to AD 1300 and the 90% level back to AD 1100 (they pass CE at similar respective levels). So if one were to set the significant threshold just a bit lower than our rather stringent 95% significant requirement, the reconstruction stands back to AD 1100 with these data withheld. Recent work by Saltzer et al [ Salzer et al, Recent unprecedented tree-ring growth in bristlecone pine at the highest elevations and possible causes, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 2009] suggests there is little reason to withhold tree-ring data however.

Verification statistics for cases where the tree-ring proxies and/or the 7 problem proxies are withheld [XLS].
Expanded Monte Carlo table for the NH Land+Ocean cases [XLS].

Update 1 Aug 2014
The timeseries from Figure S5 can be found here: Figure S5 . Column one is year, column two is temperature anomaly; "glfullrecon" uses the full proxy network, and "glscrrecon" uses the screened proxy network.