Dire Predictions

Blog Reviews

DarkSyde, Daily Kos: "What sets the book apart...is the extraordinary scientific accuracy within. Official documents, peer reviewed papers, and IPCC reports can be tedious and confusing for the layman to slog through. That immense body of work is translated into a well organized overview composed of readable chunks flowing along at a brisk pace, each with just the right touch of technical detail for readers with a reasonably good understanding of basic physical science."

Richard Littlemore, DeSmogBlog: "[Mann and Kump] have crafted an accessible primer on climate change, how it's happening and who's to blame."

Green LA Girl: "Dire Predictions is intended for the layperson who wants to understand the wonky science behind climate change without going back to college for a science degree. Basically, the book takes the findings of the IPCC — you know, the United Nations panel that won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with Al Gore — about global climate change and puts it in a language the average person has a chance at following."

David Appell, Quark Soup: "You can learn something no matter at what level you already understand climate change, but it would be especially suited for people who are not scientifically-oriented but want a nontrivial introduction to the topic -- below a Scientific American level."

The Naib, The Sietch Blog: "If you know someone who just 'doesn’t get it' when it comes to the IPCC and climate change, I recommend you get them this book.

James Wang, Environmental Defense Fund: "One of the strengths of Dire Predictions is its strong, to-the-point rebuttals of common misconceptions fueled by global warming skeptics. The authors expertly explain why the ongoing rise in atmospheric CO2 is not natural, how today's warming is greater than and fundamentally different from that during the 'Medieval Warm Period', why higher CO2 levels are not beneficial for ecosystems, and why the excuses for inaction on global warming are wrong."

Olive Heffernan, Climate Feedback, Nature: A synopsis of Pew Center's Jay Gulledge's review in Nature Reports.

A Change in the Wind:"This could be described as a book written by two particularly thoughtful experts for National Geographic. Not only does the slim volume of 207 pages rely mostly on brilliantly executed visuals to get its ideas across, but the prose is simple and honest...Highly recommended."

Dickenson College COP15 Delegation Course Blog: "Reading Dire Predictions by Michael Mann and Lee Kump...is...very convincing. Mann and Kump, mindful of counter-arguments, provided a simple and concise account of climate change."

Milan Ilnyckyj, A Sibilant Intake of Breath: "The...book is a quick and easy read, even for those who are not well acquainted with scientific principles and terminology. It responds directly to many issues raised in the media (such as common climate change denier talking points) and it includes a great many illuminating charts and illustrations."