The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

Blog Reviews

The Citizens Climate Lobby — Judy Weiss

The Post-Normal Times — Sylvia S Tognetti

Huffington Post — D. R. Tucker

Bad Astronomy — Phil Plait

Climate Science Watch — Rick Piltz

Daily Kos — DarkSyde

Nature Publishing Group — Simon Lewis

Skeptic Science — John Cook

Science Blogs — Greg Laden

Climate Denial Crock of the Week — Peter Sinclair

Hockey Brawls — Donald Prothero

Open Parachute — Ken Perrott

Not Spaghetti — Arthur Smith

Skeptical Science — John Cook

Planet 3.0 — Scott Mandia

Cassandra's Legacy — Ugo Bardi

Daily Kos — DarkSyde/Steven Andrew

Climate Sight — Kaitlin Alexander

BrooWaha — Josh Marks

Up and Down in Moxos — Umberto Lombardo

Uncommon Ground — Kent Holsinger

Neorenaissance — Shawn Lawrence Otto

Switchboard/NRDC — Dan Lashof

Central Coast Climate Science Education — Ray Weymann

Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media — Bud Ward

Daily Kos — Don Mikulecky

The Dake Page

Wild Plants Post — Joseph Craine

Conservation Law Foundation — Seth Kaplan

America Magazine Blog — Father John Coleman

William J. Cobb on Books and Film — William J. Cobb

AGU Blogosphere — Callan Bentley

The Journeyman Traveller — Andrew Mazibrada

Sustainability Now — Peter Buckland

Weather Underground — Jeff Masters

Transition Culture — Rob Hopkins

Olympia Views — D. Lemming

DeSmog Blog — Chris Mooney

3 Cats Stalking — Sam Penny


One World Wiki

Learning about Learning — Donna Fry

Suitably Despairing — John Nichol

Wind Action Group — Dave Bradley

Green Science Project-Reed College — Alan Shusterman

Generata — Marlene Roy

Pete's Wicked Blog — Peter Trzeciak

Acclimatation — Romain Ioualalen

Environmental Headlines — Aaron Goode

The Ocular Reversed — Margot Saher

Yotta Point

Uppsala Initiativet (in Swedish)

Counterfire — Elaine Graham-Leigh